The Hub Story

The Story of The Hub

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From the very beginning of Kingston Vineyard – when we first launched Growbaby, we always believed that we would one day need our own home.  The first Kingston Vineyard events were held in people’s homes, pubs, coffee shops and anywhere we could find to meet.  Growbaby started in the Farrelly’s garage and quickly expanded to two further garages located in Surbiton.  We had almost outgrown ourselves from the start. Finding the venue for the Hub was a long and painstaking process.  But one morning in 2010, Noni walked into 38 Surbiton Road and knew this was the place. 

While the process of gaining that location as our permanent home was challenging, our solicitors were amazing (thank you Kate Slattery) and our Trustees could not have been more supportive. When Kingston Vineyard finally signed the lease on September 6, 2011, a year and half after first seeing it, we knew that something wonderful had finally come into being.  A home for the Church and a home for Growbaby was born.  All the hard work, prayer and agony was finally brought into reality.  As our overseers, Neil and Kate Woodward told us, it needs to be a great story of God’s work in the community or you might just have got there by yourselves. It has certainly been a great story. 

We set a launch date of Monday 26th September 2011 and the intervening weeks were chaotic.  We had so many local firms who gave us products, local tradesmen and women who gave us time and individuals from Kingston Vineyard who gave us support with time, energy, products and money. It was wonderful talking to local firms like Howden’s and John Lewis who supported us amazingly.  The Kingston Vineyard family donned their painting garb, picked up their drills and set to work.  

The launch party was set and we decided to invite all the people who had supported us.  In the end about 100 people turned up for nibbles, bucks fizz and a rousing speech by Peter.  The Hub was duly launched.  

One of the lovely things about having our own space is that we can do whatever we wish and whatever we see a need for so if you have any suggestions or thoughts about events you might wish to see run here please do not hesitate to let us know. 

It has always been our dream that The Hub would provide a place for local families, students, singles, married’s and anyone else you care to name.  That is why on the front window of the Hub we have the following:

  • Here for Everybody
  • Many different events
  • Supporting the local community
  • Helping to meet your needs
  • A place to meet
  • Just drop in

In 2018, we began the process of expanding even further into our community by securing the property next door for lease. Stay tuned as we update our community on what this expansion means for both Kingston Vineyard and Growbaby!

Our real longing for the Hub is to have a home for everyone in the community.  We realise that this is a tall order but why not? We don’t all necessarily want to hang out together at the same time but how wonderful that we can spend time together at different events enjoying different groups and meeting and making new friends. 

When we say everyone, we honestly mean everyone:

  • College students? Of course!
  • Young mums and families? Yes.
  • Our elderly community? Absolutely.
  • Children and youth? We love having you.
  • Men, women, young and old? Yes!

So the Hub is for YOU!!!

Growbaby is based at the Hub and we have a wonderful storage area in the basement where all our equipment is carefully sorted, cleaned and stored.  When our families come in needing something from us we take basic details and then we escort them downstairs so that they can make their own choice of the items they need.  We don’t always have everything requested (for example stairgates are always in short supply) but if we can help we will.

At present Growbaby is open on Wednesdays between 09.30 and 14.30.  You don’t have to make an appointment you can simply drop in and remember we don’t need a referral form, everyone is welcome regardless of income, faith or background.  

Wednesdays are also the day we take in donations.

As we prepare to build out our expansion, please note that we are unable to accept clothing donations (except sizes 3-5 years). Please contact us with any questions.