Matthew 25:36 ~ "I needed clothes and you clothed me"

Dear Friends, we hope that you and yours have remained safe during Lockdown 3. During this time, we are supporting families at home. If you would like more information, please contact Tanya at 07810 643470.

The aim of Growbaby is to provide good quality, new and second-hand, baby clothes and equipment (up to 5 years), completely free of charge, to anyone who needs it, regardless of their income, background, or faith.


We are thrilled to announce that in 2016 Kingston Vineyard and Growbaby won the Kingston Business Excellence Awards in the category of  “Commitment to the Community”.

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What is Growbaby?

The aim of Growbaby is to provide good quality, new and second-hand, baby clothes and equipment (up to 5 years), completely free of charge, to anyone who needs it, regardless of their income, background, or faith.  We will accept baby clothes and equipment from anyone who chooses to donate; we simply ask that potential donors ensure that they are in good condition.

At present Growbaby is open on Wednesdays between 09.30 and 14.30 at the Hub.  You don’t have to make an appointment you can simply drop in and remember we don’t need a referral form, everyone is welcome regardless of income, faith or background.

At Christmas Growbaby also provides a link between the pupils and staff of Epsom College and various local agencies so that children across Kingston Borough receive a gift at Christmas.


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The Growbaby Story

Growbaby was established in 2003.

Our mission has always been to serve our families regardless of their “income, faith or background”. Serving different families in different ways, interventions vary from simply providing a cot to supplying everything for a new mum. It could mean giving long term practical support and advice to a family for an extended period of time. We have worked with mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, social services, health care workers, the police, the domestic violence teams, partners in community, and our neighbours.

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Receive from Growbaby

The Hub is open for Growbaby drop off’s and collections every single Wednesday between 09.30 – 2.30.  We only close for two weeks a year over Christmas.  So if you wish to come and give us something or if you wish to come and see us because you are in need please drop in during these times.  Alternatively you are most welcome to call us any time.

Give to Growbaby

Growbaby is always in need of good quality donations for our families. As we are under construction currently, we can only accept children’s clothing in sizes for 3 to 5 year olds. We are still able to accept equipment as well. In fact, our need for equipment is regularly quite high, so please consider investing in these kinds of items for our families.

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Our Sponsors

Special thanks to Kate Slattery, our lawyer from Russell-Cooke LLP and also to the Kingston Vineyard Trustees who have given us an enormous amount of time and energy and helped us find a home for Growbaby at The Hub.

Our sponsors helped us to get the Hub up and running and many of them continue to sponsor us regularly.  In particular Kendall CarsEpsom College and Enterprise cars.  We are most grateful to all of them.

Growbaby locations

Over the years that Growbaby has been going (since 2003) we have spoken with a number of different friends from within the Vineyard as well as other people in the wider church family (and quite a few who are not faith based).  Often the conversations have been around starting up a Growbaby or something similar.  It has been our privilege and joy to watch other Growbaby type projects flourish, some of  them are brand new and some of them have been going for a while.  All of them have Jesus at the Centre.

Whilst talking with some of those who were interested we thought that it might be good for you to find out about them too.

We are so thrilled that there are a number of  Growbaby’s and Growbaby connections up and running, we would love you to have a look at their websites, there are more in the pipeline so keep watching this space:

Growbaby Christmas

For the last fifteen years Growbaby has linked with the children and staff at Epsom College who have held a Christmas Toy Service. These gifts are for children in the Borough of Kingston who have been nominated, mainly by social services, the police, health and other agencies, as they might not otherwise receive a Christmas present. This began with a humble start with 50 or so children receiving a present.  In 2018 this allowed us to provide 1,800 presents for families in the Borough of Kingston. It has been wonderful to be involved in the Toy Service and the generosity of the children and staff at the school has been amazing.  We have received bicycles, play stations and many more wonderful gifts.

To all those who contributed so generously to the Christmas gift drive this year I would like to send a huge ‘thank you’.
Many of my families are underprivileged, but there are a select few whose lives are a continuous struggle.  Your gifts not only mean that these children will have something to open on Christmas day, but the parents/grandparents feel a true sense that they are cared for in the community; that they are not alone.  So thank you again for making that difference. 
YS Social Worker