The Growbaby Story

Growbaby was established in 2003.

Our mission has always been to serve our families regardless of their “income, faith or background”. Serving different families in different ways, interventions vary from simply providing a cot to supplying everything for a new mum. It could mean giving long term practical support and advice to a family for an extended period of time. We have worked with mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, social services, health care workers, the police, the domestic violence teams, partners in community, and our neighbours.

Over the years, Growbaby has helped an increasing number of families. Many of them have needed “one off” help, but we also have had the privilege to establish long-term relationships with many other families. Because we do not have an “official” referral system to Growbaby, anybody can contact us, and our calls for assistance come from far and wide.

For the last few years Growbaby has also linked with the children and staff at Epsom College who have held a Christmas toy service. In 2016 this allowed us to provide 1,600 presents for families in the Borough of Kingston.