To Know Jesus & To Make Him Known

Thank you to everyone who has supported us during this Covid-19 outbreak. We have made over 612 deliveries to families in need. Made up of 254 tins of formula, 4,546 pouches/jars of food, 396 packs of wipes and 663 packs of nappies. You made it possible.

We hope that you and yours have stayed safe and well during Covid-19. We are gradually re-opening Growbaby but sadly we feel that because of social distancing requirements we will have to continue church on line, we will keep you updated of any changes. If you wish to join us please contact 07810 643470.

*We are abiding by all Covid-19 government advice. Safety is a priority and we are regularly handwashing, wearing masks, cleaning and disinfecting and providing hand sanitizer stations.*

Connect with Us

At Kingston Vineyard Church our vision has always been to know Jesus and make Him known but in a way that is relevant and real.  The heart of all our gatherings is relationship and we would love to get to know you better. So why not come along and join in!

Kingston Vineyard is a member of Churches Together in Kingston.

Thank you for your support!

These are unprecedented times and we are so grateful for all of our sponsors during this time. Organix baby food, Heinz baby food, The Rotary Club, Little Senses, Wholefoods. Sewady and Subrang Arts. Also, the London Community response fund and City Bridge foundation. Many thanks to Olivia Wilding. And also to all our drivers who have given of their time and their car driving skills to make over 612 deliveries all over Kingston and Richmond Borough


Our Zoom virtual services start at 11AM. If you would like to join us, please contact Tanya at 07810 643470.

Connect Groups

Throughout the week, we meet together as a small group. These take different forms throughout the year, and also happen in different locations. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information on our current groups.

Giving Support to Families with Babies and Young Children

We are having a fundraiser that will help purchase and distribute; formula, nappies and baby food for those in isolation, financial hardship or struggling at home. Please consider donating to this important cause.


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Our Community @ The Hub

Get Connected

We believe that life transformation happens through meaningful connections. We want to help you get connected – not just to resources or support, but to a community where you can belong, be supported, and be loved – right where you are!


We recognize that many members in our community are in particular need of support and resources. Learn more about the ways in which Kingston Vineyard and Growbaby are giving back to our community.

Get Support

Whether you need physical, tangible support from our Storehouse or Growbaby, or more intangible support like job skills, friendship, and wisdom from great leadership, we are here for you. Let us come alongside you in your journey and help you take your next steps – whatever they may be!


There are many opportunities for you to join our community and see where you can find your fit with us. Check out the Hub Diary to learn more about what’s on at the Hub.

Get Involved

We believe that everyone has something to teach us and to offer our community. Your very being is a blessing to others, so won’t you come and find the place where you fit in our community? No matter what you bring with you, we know that you will bless our community. Join us!

Our Team

Kingston Vineyard has a wonderful team working to meet the needs of our community. 

We would love to hear from you!

Please send us a message with your questions or comments and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

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