Our priorities


We desire to worship God with our whole being. We want Jesus at the centre as our Lord. We hunger for the fullness of the Spirit… His glory resting upon us!
We desire Spirit-enabled worship in a style that is intimate, dynamic, culture current, and life changing.

The Word

We want to hear the Word of God taught in a practical, inspiring way, in conjunction with His current prophetic word.

We aim to hear and obey God’s Word to us… to be “doers of the Word“ who are being transformed into the likeness of Christ.


We are the family of God, one Body in Jesus Christ, joined together as brothers and sisters forever.
We seek to develop real, intimate, enabling friendships together, built on covenant love, mutual responsibility and faithfulness.


We believe that all Christians are called to serve Christ in the power of His Spirit, in ways that build up the local church.
We are called to do the ministry of Christ in the world today, for example, to:
- preach the Gospel of the Kingdom
- persuade men to repent and believe in Jesus
- heal the sick
- care for the poor and those in need
- counsel those in need of God’s wisdom
- teach believers to follow Christ
- give our resources to the work of Christ
- train Christians to serve the Lord.

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