Our practices

Prayer skills

Prayer of praise and adulation
Prayer of petition
Prayer of intercession
Prayer of tongues
Prayer of faith, in healing and expulsion of demons

Marriage and family

Financial planning
Life management

General ministry skills

Communication skills – the ability to speak
the ability to witness – sharing your experience with others
the ability to counsel – sharing God’s Word with others
the ability to teach – sharing God’s Word with others

Community skills – the ability to relate
ministry to the Lord in…

obedient service of all kinds
personal Bible study
Ministry to the Body
giving and receiving forgiveness
laying on hands
exercise of gifts
fellowship – sharing and relating to one another
healing the sick – spiritually, socially, emotionally, bodily, demonic
Ministry to the world
care for the poor
care of the lost
care of the sick and broken-hearted

Leadership standards

Sincere love for and pursuit of Jesus Christ demonstrated in regular personal worship, meditation on the Word, and prayer.
Demonstrated fullness of the Holy Spirit, of faith and of wisdom.
A perception of leadership not as grasping for position, or title, or power, or authority, or respect, or privilege, but as a commitment to humble service and self-sacrifice.
Personal exposure, loyalty and commitment to their pastors or overseers, and to those whom they are pastoring.
Trustworthiness, with the ability to resist being bribed or bought.
Commitment to the “Barnabas-style” of open, loving communication, to solving relational problems, to processing anger constructively, to encouraging and building up and maintaining confidences strictly
Willingness to be a “team player” and to help pastoral associates to succeed.
A strong, loving marriage in which both the husband and wife sense the call to minister.
Capable and respected, mature in the faith, and with proven ministry ability.
Willingness to be judged by strict standards and to accept reproof.
Love for people and for Jesus, without desire to benefit personally at the expense of the flock.
Commitment to equipping others for ministry through active recruiting, training, deploying, monitoring and nurturing.
Commitment to doing excellent work, taking responsibility seriously, being pro-active, planning and executing well.
A committed, cheerful giver who tithes regularly to the fellowship.

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