Our mission

“To know Jesus and to make Him known”

And how will we do that………gather – grow – go

gather … As you read the Bible you can’t help but see that God wants to gather in all who are open and willing to seek him.

Our plan is that we are an outward facing missional church, we are about gathering the lost, the broken, those in need towards Jesus.  We are also about gathering together, learning together, building together.  Our prayer has always been “make this a church which is a banquet for all”, that there will be every flavor of individual and that the Lord will send us the ones that nobody else wants as well as the ones with a call to serve them.

grow Healthy things grow, growing things change.

We are called to grow as individuals and to grow as a church.  Come as you are don’t stay as you are and grow up before we grow old.  Change is always hard and a challenge but as followers of Jesus we are not called to stay static in our faith or in our community.  Simply reaching into the community is not enough; our longing is for our community to be transformed by a personal touch from our Saviour, Jesus.  As we change and as our community is changed so Kingston Vineyard will grow.

Is being a large church important?  In and of itself no – but there is no doubt that benefits come with size – and the impact that we can have increases significantly

go Jesus gave, his instructions to us were clear, what I have given you, now you go and give it away.  His mandate was simple, go into the world and introduce the world to Me and train those who choose to follow Me so they can go and give it away too.

We desire to follow his example, giving up our time, energy and money to serve him and others in our homes, our community, our church and our world.

Kingston Vineyard aims to be outward facing and outward focused.  Whilst at the same time recognising that this only comes as we allow ourselves to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus.

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