Our history

The Farrelly’s have been part of the Vineyard since 1993, having first come across it through their music in 1986. When we joined South West London Vineyard all those years ago we knew that one day we would be going off to start doing something within the Vineyard family with our friends.

In 2000 Noni went on the staff of South West London Vineyard to head up their children’s work.  In 2002 Peter left the army  to work for Vineyard churches UK.  When Peter left the army we bought a house in Hinchley Wood, having fallen in love with the area during the previous year, as we headed up a small group that met in a house in Kingston to look at Jesus and all that he did. We would walk around Kingston thinking what a wonderful town it was and how it would be a fantastic place to hang out with people who wanted to know more of the story of Jesus and want an amazing place to plant a church.

In 2003 it became clear that Peter and Noni were being called to plant a Vineyard church in Kingston, so it was with much excitement that the plans began to unfold for this new venture.  This meant Noni had to leave her job at South West London Vineyard and at the start of this venture she worked part time as a school nurse, from September 2009 she has worked part time for Kingston Vineyard.  Peter left his job with Vineyard churches UK in 2005 and now works full time as a bursar at a prep school in Battersea.

In September 2003 the folk from South West London Vineyard prayed for us one Sunday morning and we were launched.   It has been a story with many ups and downs but we wouldn’t change it for minute.  We would love to meet you and find out your story.

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