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‚Äč Over the years that Growbaby has been going (since 2003) we    have spoken with a number of different friends from within the Vineyard as well as other people in the wider church family (and quite a few who are not faith based).  Often the conversations have been around starting up a Growbaby or something similar.  It has been our privilege and joy to watch other Growbaby type projects flourish, some of  them are brand new and some of them have been going for a while.  All of them have Jesus at the Centre.  

Whilst talking with some of those who were interested we thought that it might be good for you to find out about them too. 

We are so thrilled that there are a number of  Growbaby's and Growbaby connections up and running, we would love you to have a look at their websites, there are more in the pipeline so keep watching this space:

For a full list of Growbaby's, their address etc please click here

1.  Biberach Vineyard in Germany, they call their project the "Little citizens boutique".  This is a fantastic project mainly working with asylum seekers in the area.

2.  Ivy Street.  This is project run by our friends Andrew and Angela Large run  Ivy Street.  Growbaby has now been  going for several years and they are well settled and making a huge difference in their area.

3.  Grace Vineyard Purley.  Mark and Gill Visser lead the church and Growbaby has been running for a couple of years.

4.  Wokingham Vineyard  Has an amazing community around them and as they run Foodbank in their area they are finding that having Growbaby fits exactly with the outreach they are already undertaking.  They now have a caravan in the middle of the local traveller community!

5.  South Liverpool Vineyard launched in May 2016, we are so excited to see them getting involved, they send us the most wonderful stories of things that are going on and we are thrilled to keep up to date with their news.

6.  Aylesbury Vineyard are running a Growbaby alongside their Storehouse.  This works brilliantly for them and they sound like they are having loads of fun!

7.  St Albans Vineyard These guys are setting up Growbaby alongside their wonderful community work.

8.  Tiverton Vineyard This church is literally just at the start of their Growbaby journey, we are so excited to link up with them as they are old friends!

9.  Bath Vineyard  Bath Vineyard have decided to call their project the Nest but they are very much part of the Growbaby family and we are thrilled that they are having such a great time.

10.  Enfield Vineyard is going strong and they are having an amazing impact on their community. They are now seeing amazing things happening in their community.

11. Birmingham Vineyard is having a wonderful time and they are meeting so many families within their community.

12. Cardiff Vineyard are up and running and already serving their community in an awesome way.

13. Chelmsford Vineyard The folks up in Chelmsford are already making a big splash in their area and meeting so many different families and agencies.

14.  Harrogate Vineyard Harrogate is just starting out on their adventure and they would love to hear from you.

15. Kingsgate church in Ham This Growbaby is a partnership outside the Vineyard and is based in a local church near us in Kingston, the ladies that run this group are amazing.

16. Rayleigh Vineyard started their Growbaby this year and are already fully into the swing of things.  Do get in touch with them if you need their help.

17. Worcester Vineyard These folks are doing and amazing job serving their community and we know that if you need anything they would love to help you out.

18. Sutton Vineyard  Sutton have chosen another name for their Growbaby, they are calling it Lighthouse, but what's in a name?  We are all connected and serving our communities.

19. Riverbank trust Richmond  The Riverside project is based in Holy Trinity church Richmond.  They are one of our connections and we are very proud to serve alongside them.

20. Gateway Vineyard Norwich  These guys have chosen a different name, Growkids, but we are closely connected and so excited to see what they are up to.

21.  The Princess Project (Maidstone) runs a number of wonderful projects and we are connected with them and love hearing all their news.

22. The Baby Branch in Southampton is based in the New Community church.  They are one of our buddies and we are thrilled to serve alongside them.


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