Other Growbaby's

​ Over the years that Growbaby has been going (since 2003) we    have spoken with a number of different friends from within the Vineyard as well as other people in the wider church family (and quite a few who are not faith based).  Often the conversations have been around starting up a Growbaby or something similar.  It has been our privilege and joy to watch other Growbaby type projects flourish, some of  them are brand new and some of them have been going for a while.  All of them have Jesus at the Centre.  

Whilst talking with some of those who were interested we thought that it might be good for you to find out about them too. 

We are so thrilled that there are a number of  Growbaby's and Growbaby connections up and running, we would love you to have a look at their websites, there are more in the pipeline so keep watching this space:

For a full list of Growbaby's, their address etc please click here

Ashford Vineyard, Storehouse 01233 331919  compassion@ashfordvineyard.org 
Aylesbury Vineyard, Growbaby  01296 424440 Storehouse@aylesburyvineyard.org.uk
Bath and Avon Vineyard, The Nest 07474 071692‬  info@thenestproject.co.uk
Biberach Vineyard - Germany.  Kleine Bürger Boutique. 07355 298987 info@vineyard-biberach.de
Birmingham Vineyard, Growbaby 0121 622 1230   growbaby@birminghamvineyard.com 
Bradford Vineyard, Growbaby 07378 308019 www.bradfordvineyard.org
Cardiff Vineyard, Growbaby 029 2000 2827 growbaby@cardiffvineyard.org
Chelmsford Vineyard, Growbaby 07943 739522 - Sophie Burch growbaby@chelmsfordvineyard.org
Enfield Vineyard, Growbaby   https://enfieldvineyardchurch.com/growbaby/
Ham and Richmond Kingsgate church, Richmond Kingsgate Community Trust Charlotte  07914 306594 Karen 07984466970 (office hours only)  karen@kingsgatecommunitytrust.org
Hemel Hempstead Vineyard, Children's Storehouse 07813 187675 storehouse@hemelvineyard.org.uk
Hoxton, Ivy Street family centre 020 7729 2789 admin@ivystreetfamilycentre.org.uk
Kingston Vineyard, Growbaby 07900 212567 noni@kingstonvineyard.co.uk
Maidstone, Princess Project 07851 196770  princessproject@hotmail.co.uk  (www.princessproject.co.uk)
Merton Vineyard, Growbaby 07598 533461 growbaby@mertonvineyard.org
Norwich, Gateway Vineyard, Growkids 01603 920045  info@gatewayvineyardnorwich.org.uk 
Purley, Grace Vineyard, Growbaby Gill 07565415297 Jan 07545554747 growbaby@gracevineyard.co.uk
Rayleigh Vineyard, Growbaby 07708 479428 admin@rayleighvineyard.org.uk
Richmond, Riverbank project 07535 231 164 contact@riverbanktrust.org
South Liverpool Vineyard, Growbaby 0151 263 0692 Info@southliverpoolvineyard.com
Southampton, Baby Branch, New community church  07881 200938 babybranch451@gmail.com
St Albans Vineyard, Kit 01727 739064 heather@thevineyardchurch.co.uk
Sutton Vineyard, The Lighthouse 020 8641 1689 Text:  07519 239 659  Lighthouse@suttonvineyard.org 
Tiverton Vineyard, Growbaby 01884 369120 growbaby@tivertonvineyard.com
Whitstable Riverside Vineyard, Growbaby 01227 250240 growbaby@riverside.org
Wokingham Vineyard, Growbaby Church office: 01344 780087 or  Sarah Derry: 07816 543423 Growbaby@wokinghamvineyard.org
Worcester Vineyard, Growbaby 01905 676424  info@worcestervineyard.org.uk (Facebook Worcester Growbaby)

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