Who heads Kingston Vineyard?

Peter and Noni have been married for 32 years and have three grown up children.  They currently live on the edge of Kingston, having bought a house here in 2002.

Prior to moving here they had lived all over the UK and abroad.  Peter was born in Germany into an army family and himself joined the Scots Guards at 18.  Noni was born in Uganda and lived there until she was 7 when she came home to the UK with her parents.  Noni’s father then joined the diplomatic service so she did lots of travelling and lived in different countries whilst growing up.

Both Peter and Noni went to boarding school.  Noni spent three years after she had finished school living and working in the South Pacific and then she came back to the UK to train as a nurse at the Royal Free.  She and Peter met just before the Falklands war.  Peter was deployed in the Falklands during the war and spent some time there on garrison duty once the war had finished. 

They married in 1985 and almost immediately Peter was posted to Northern Ireland for 6 months.  It was during this time that Noni re-connected with her faith.  Peter had grown up in the Catholic church and Noni in the Church of England but neither of them had been involved in their late teens or their early 20′s.  At the same time they started to hear music from an American church called Vineyard.  There and then they made a decision that if a Vineyard ever came to the UK they would try it out.  Their 3 children were born in Germany, Colchester and Edinburgh.

It wasn’t until 1993 that they were close enough to visit the South West London Vineyard, the first Vineyard in the UK.  It was love at first sight and they have been involved with the Vineyard ever since.

Noni went on to qualify as an HIV specialist and as a family planning nurse and then went to work for South West London Vineyard as their children’s leader.  Once they had planted the church; Kingston Vineyard,  she went into school nursing for 5 years, she now works part time for Kingston Vineyard.  Peter stayed in the Scots Guards for 23 years, he loved every minute of his time there but in 2002 he felt that God was calling him to leave the army.  He went to work for Vineyard Churches UKI.  In 2005 he left that job and went to work as a full time Bursar at Newton Prep school, which is where he is still working.

Their call to serve the community of Kingston and to plant a church there was an exciting move for them and there have been many ups and downs along the way.  They would love to talk with you if you are interested in more of their story.

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