Frequently asked questions

What can I expect if I am visiting?
This will depend if you are coming to our Sunday morning meeting or our midweek meeting, for more detailed information please check out the getting involved page, but one thing you can be sure of is a warm welcome.

Where do you meet?  

Again this depends on  which meeting you want to come to, the getting involved and event pages will give you all the information on the various activities and where they are being held.   You are welcome to join us for anything we are up to.                                                                                          

What is the general format of your meetings on a Sunday?

On Sundays we start with a breakfast and have a relaxing fun period together, its an opportunity to get to know each other a little, read the papers and work out the feel of the place. At 11.00 we will start the more formal part of the service with a welcome, we will then worship by singing songs for about 25 minutes. You are free to join in, stand or sit – whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Alternatively you may just wish to sit and observe what is going on. Whoever is speaking then gives a talk based on a passage from the Bible with an opportunity for hearing from God. At the end of the talk opportunity is given to pray for people. You may wish to receive prayer yourself or, if this type of ministry is new to you, you may want to just observe what is going on.

Do you celebrate the Lord’s supper together?

We have the Lord’s supper together as part of our worship service on the first Sunday of each month. This is open to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and is seeking to follow him. If you are unsure about what you believe or have questions about the Christian faith then please feel free to talk to one of the leaders.

Do I have to give any money?

If you are regularly attending Kingston Vineyard and want to find out the best way to give then please ask for information or alternatively looking at the giving section on the getting involved page.

How do I become a member?

At Kingston Vineyard we don’t have a formal membership – just a network of people who minister. Our belief is that if individuals commit their resources (ie; time, energy & money) then they are choosing to be with us, thus they are part of the community at Kingston Vineyard. Practically we believe that this commitment is demonstrated by individuals attending celebrations (as they are programmed), being part of a small group, regularly serving and giving a proportion of their income to the ministry of the community.

Can I bring my children with me?

Children are always welcome on Sundays and at most of our events, but if you are planning to attend one of the midweek housegroups we would suggest you call the housegroups leaders first.

Do you have a child protection policy in place?

Yes we do, it is approved by the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service, and we take our children’s safety very seriously.  Our children’s workers are all CRB checked and the leaders of the church are also CRB checked.

I am coming from another church, does that matter?

No, of course not, but if you are planning to stay with us and make us your home we would ask that you speak to your leaders and inform them of your decision and reasons and get their blessing to move on.

I don’t know anything about church, can I still come and visit you?

Yes, we would love to meet you, you are welcome to come and look at what we are doing and ask as many questions as you like. 

Do you do baptisms?

Yes, we do baptisms for people who feel they are ready to commit their lives to Jesus, this is after completing a pre-baptism course.  We prefer to dedicate children who are then able to make their own decision about baptism when they are older.  If you feel strongly that you want your children baptised we would be prepared to discuss this with you.

Do you take weddings and pre-marriage courses?

Yes, we run pre-marriage courses and we would be happy to consider being part of your wedding after discussion.

I have done some things that I know I think the church says is wrong, can I still come and visit you?

A resounding yes, Jesus welcomes everyone, what He tells us is that we are to welcome everyone too.  If you wish to talk through some of these issues we would love to have a chat with you.

I need money, can you help me?

The answer is probably not, we are not a cash dispenser, however having said that… If you choose to start hanging around on a regular basis and to engage with the good news of Jesus we are always happy to discuss individual situations.

Do you run a counselling service?

No, we believe that hanging out in a small group and serving somewhere in the church will give people an opportunity to heal up from their pain.  We can recommend good local counselling services.

Can you help me with transport and/or accommodation?

If a member of our gang lives near you it may be possible to put you in contact with them for a lift. Unfortunately we cannot provide accommodation if you are visiting or passing through London.

Anything else?

If so, please contact Peter and Noni Farrelly on:

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