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At Kingston Vineyard the children are an integral part of our church. We believe in equipping them to become our future leaders and to serve Jesus with all their hearts. We use a mixture of materials to write our curriculum  but we try to keep to our core Vineyard values whilst teaching the children.  ‘Knowing Jesus and making Him known’ and giving them a chance to ‘do the stuff’ is exactly what we aim for the children to experience through the following:

Worship- we worship our Lord Jesus every Sunday as part of the Sunday program. We aim to model the Vineyard approach to worship to our children.

Prayer and ministry- The children get the opportunity to pray for each other and to receive prayer. The principle of praying ‘into’ and ‘out of’ the church is modelled to the children.

Discipleship- The children are encouraged to identify and grow their ‘gifts of the spirit’.

Bible- The bible is the foundation on which all the teaching is based! We have fun learning what the bible teaches us and how to apply it in their lives.

Outreach- At Kingston vineyard we have a big heart for the local community. We involve the children with all our outreach projects and we aim to grow their serving hearts through modelling ours to them.

Play and fun- We want our Sunday’s to be full of fun and laughter and that is what they are!

Child protection- We adhere to national child protection policies, the safety of our children is paramount.

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