What do we think at Kingston Vineyard about Baptism - 5th April 2013 

05 April 2013 16:19:00

The first story we read in the gospels about Jesus as an adult is His baptism. The last thing Jesus said to His disciples before ascending into heaven was that they should go throughout the world making disciples and baptising them. Baptism is obviously a very important activity in the New Testament.

Baptism is also a subject that Christians don't all agree about. Here at Kingston Vineyard, we view it as a secondary issue, allowing some room for disagreement between sincere believers. We have, nonetheless, tried to be faithful to the bible and faithful to what the church has done historically. Here is how we would answer some of the most frequently asked questions about baptism:

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The role of women in ministry - 19th March 2013 

What does Rich Nathan think about the role of women in ministry?
19 March 2013 13:16:00
One of the first things that a person discovers in considering the issue of women in ministry is that there is an extraordinary diversity of opinion concerning their appropriate roles and ministries. On the one side, there are those who believe... read more

My Brother is never my enemy - 14th March 2013 

The Body of Christ should never be in conflict with itself
23 January 2013 03:42:00

When the body of Christ turns in on itself and speaks or even thinks negatively about another part of the Church family, it is speaking negatively of the Bride of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12. 12-31 provides us with clear teaching on how we are to respond to the body of Christ.

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